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What to dial in order to reach a cellular phone in Mexico

If you plan on living or doing business in Mexico, you will be calling cellular phone users.

I’ve listed examples of how to correctly dial in order to reach a cellular telephone in Mexico. There are 3 scenarios; local calls, domestic Mexican long distance and international long distance.

Let’s assume you want to call a cellular telephone in Leon, Guanajuato and the cellular phone number is 123-4567.

Example #1: Local call. If you are in Leon, Guanajuato and are calling a cellular phone number in Leon, you would dial from any phone:


The 044 is the local access code for local cellular numbers.

The 477 is the area code of Leon, Guanajuato.

The 123-4567 is the telephone number.

Example #2: Domestic Mexican long distance. Calling a Leon cellular phone number from another city in Mexico. In this case you would dial

New dialing code Nov. 4, 2006 045-477-123-4567

Where 045 is the Mexico domestic long distance access number for cell phones.

477 is the area code for Leon.

123-4567 is the telephone number.

Example 3#: International long distance. If you are calling from the USA to a Mexican cellular phone in Leon, Guanajuato. You would dial;

New dialing rule Nov. 4, 2006 011-52-1-477-123-4567

011 is the international access code.

52 is the country code for Mexico.

1 is the cellular phone code.

477 is the area code of Leon.

123-4567 is the telephone number.

Remember that area codes for Mexico City (55), Guadalajara (33) and Monterrey (81) are 2 digits, followed by the telephone number that has 8 digits. All other cities have a 3 digit area code and 7 digit telephone number.

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