Sunday, March 25, 2007

Business Management Mentality and Business Consultants

The majority of businesses in Mexico are family owned, and the focus of many current managers and business owners is geared toward running a family business or maximizing profit in a short defined period, as opposed to long-term growth and investment. This affects, and can undermine, many business decisions and relationships.

Important decisions related to; investments, planning and strategy, risk evaluation, and day-to-day operations may be stalled or create significant problems unless everyone is in agreement on the goals and objectives, investment and planning required.

There is a current boom for business management consultants, management courses and management seminars throughout Mexico, as the lack of “corporate “managerial skills are being identified and addressed by business owners and shareholders.

In general, the culture of hiring and using business consultants in Mexico is limited to the industry leaders, “forward thinking” pioneers, transnational companies or existing Mexican companies currently involved in some sort of crisis.

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