Sunday, March 25, 2007

Politics and Political Parties

There are 3 main political parties in Mexico, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the National Action Party (PAN) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

The PRI was the ruling party in Mexico for 70 years until their recent defeat in 2000 to the PAN. Similar to the Democrats in the USA, with a platform that believes that big government is good government. Infrastructure development and social programs are viewed as job creation in and of itself. Currently in the process of breakup and re-organization, with long time members leaving for the other 2 parties. Viewed as liberal in their philosophy and orientation.

The PAN party is similar to the Republicans in the USA. Won a historic and overwhelming victory against the PRI in 2000. They believe government’s role is to help increase private industry growth and create conditions and infrastructure to support continued growth. Infrastructure projects are viewed as necessary in order to increase competitiveness. Viewed as conservative or right wing in their philosophy and orientation.

The PRD is party formed during the time of the PRI rule in Mexico, by more liberal members of the PRI. Known as the most socialistic of the parties. Seeking entirely new economic models that focus upon redistribution of wealth. Viewed as extreme liberals or socialists.

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