Sunday, March 25, 2007

Individuals, not natural team players

Mexicans are independent, and more comfortable doing it alone and doing it their way. Everyone wants to call their own shots, run their own business, make their own agenda. It can be very frustrating if you are used to strict discipline and adherence to a rule book.

This natural independence is great if you are seeking alternative methods, creative solutions, flexibility, and quick responses from your people.

Mexicans do not discourage teamwork, on the contrary, there are great opportunities to teach, support and reward group activity. Many of the most successful companies in Mexico have been able to implement teamwork and productive interactive systems. If you can harness and incorporate this individuality WITHIN your business structure, you will have a very successful adventure.

Take a look at the results of Mexicans in individual vs. team sports on an international level.

Mexicans excel at boxing, speed walking, cycling, long distance running, diving…individual sports.

Team sports, football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, rugby, and basketball are dominated by other countries and cultures.

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